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With MyTrackerBand bracelets you will be able to track any goal and measure your success. These bracelets serve as a reminder of your hard work towards your goal and will keep you on the right path, giving you the strength to make the right choices.

With HungerHalo bracelet you will be able to track the pounds you’ve lost starting at "1lbs. to 20lbs” and can add accomplishment charms of 20 lbs lost, 40 lbs lost , 60 lbs lost , 80 lbs lost , and 100 lbs lost if wanted, after completing those goals. You can also reset the weight loss tracker bracelet back to 1 pound every week or month.

Our other popular tracking wristband is the QuitBand which tracks the time you have quit smoking. You can track up to 10 weeks and 7 days with one QuitBand and can add on accomplishment charms for smoke free milestones if wanted.

With MyTrackerBands you can measure, improve, motivate, keep score or just remind yourself of the work you have done to improve yourself!

Coming Soon: CarbsTracker bracelets which let you track your carbohydrate choices for diabetic meal plans daily. With the CarbsTracker wristband you can track up to your allowed 15 carbohydrate choice food total intakes for the day. 

Stay healthy and focused with our tracking bands to make those right choices. When you are reaching for food you will see the weight loss band and make the right choice. When reaching for that cigarette you will see the QuitBand and be reminded that you you’ve already started on your ultimate goal to quit smoking forever!

Customized Tracking Bracelets are available and can track whatever you want. We can track golf strokes, miles ran, pounds gained for weight lifters, training days for athletes, karate belts, etc.

Contact Us with your tracking needs and we will make happen!